Echoes Of Nihil will be onstage at the Durbuy Rock Festival

Tremplin's Durbuy Rock Festival - Echoes Of Nihil wins one of the finale

« Echoes of Nihil from Brussels were yesterday’s winners of the latest DRF springboard, so they’re joining the Durbuy Rock Festival bill, and will benefit from a residency and personalized help to get even better between now and May 11. Thanks to the other 3 finalists, who didn’t disappoint, it’s already great to reach the finals out of over 150 entries: Affenpinshers, Hispÿn and Coroners can try their luck again next year. We’ll soon be announcing new names to round off the 2024 line-up, which promises to be one of the best in 27 editions! »

Durbuy Rock Festival
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